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Tintype of one of the possible women Civil War soldiers.

Women Civil War Soldiers: Digging up the Evidence

Historians are a bit like detectives. They sift through evidence, weigh it, and try to leave no stone unturned. But when they publish their results, they’re a bit like lawyers. They need to be objective enough to gain the credibility of the judge...

Ann Marie Ackermann's author website

Rape in the Civil War

An Interview with Author Kim Murphy  Every once in a while, a book comes along that shifts the tectonic plates in my understanding of history. I used to practice law and was the prosecutor for parole revocation hearings in a ten-country region...

Launching the Intrepid.

Civil War Balloons: Five Fun Facts

  Spycraft rose to new levels during the Civil War. One of the most interesting innovations was ballooning. These five fun facts provide a brief introduction to what was then cutting edge military technology. Civil War balloons were not the...

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