Gothic gargoyle on town hall in Munich by Roman Sigaev.
Gothic gargoyle on town hall in Munich by Roman Sigaev.


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    • Hello,

      I am an American tour leader who has just finished up a tour in the Rhineland, my German co-leader and I are heading to the Ludwigsburg area for the next 2 days and we stumbled across your crime scene tours and wonder if you could do something tomorrow? Short notice I know but we are hopeful.

        • Ann Marie: I am of direct lineage to William J Thompkins. Where I have found the story to go from here has interrupted my life in such a manner that I am begging you to reach out to me. It becomes a twisted tale of families intertwined and leads to the death bed of a man from Ohio living in Scottsdale Arizona at the time of death. This man told me tales that spin the globe in his days at war and the strange and almost unbelievable conclusion I am yet to reach will leave your mind spinning. I believe there to be much much more to this tale and it has ties to the death of an American journalist just years ago. I’ll tell you how I stumbled into this and ask for your help in understanding it further. Please call me right away any time day or night or provide me with direct line to reach you. This matter is of an urgent nature

        • Dear James, it sounds like you have an interesting story, but I focus on historical true crime (roughly defined as pre-WWII). If anything involves a recent death, I won’t touch it. That is the province of law enforcement, and I won’t touch a case until the courts are done adjudicating it. Please contact law enforcement if you feel the death of the American journalist is suspicious and you might have information. Good luck!

    • Where are you based out of? My brother fell in the Puyallup River memorial day and we need help searching the river. We could really use your services. Please contact me.

      • I live in Europe, Maria, and I’m not a cadaver dog handler, so I can’t help you. Your best bet is to call law enforcement — they can arrange a search. Good luck finding your brother.

    • Hello Ann Marie,

      I was hoping you might be able to provide contact information for Cat Warren. I have an active interest in acquiring a cadaver dog and would love to discuss with her my options.

      • I’ll ask Cat to respond in a comment, and leave it up to you two whether you want to move the conservation to another venue like Email. Happy to hear that another potentional cadaver dog handler is out there!

    • Hi Ann Marie I know it’s been a while since I contacted you.previously, but I moved home to Cumbria so that the horses could be at home with us. At first things seemed to get better, now its back to square one. Bird calling cows etc. My dog is going frantic .the horses are very nervous and one in particular hes began to weave again due to nerves. The police are not an option for me, as they previously thought I was nuts, despite having visual evidence, which they refused to look at.. I moved near sellafield in Cumbria, to an lovely old farm, but as only myself and two children live in this secluded place ,I am beginning to wonder what I have done. Gaps under the fencing, torch lights coming towards us then vanishing. The motorbike I heard around the last 4 farms that I had the horses on has appeared again. Yesterday I went out locked the front door but my daughter left the back door open when I came back the front door was open. My garden furniture was pushed onto the floor by the horses. In the morning the chairs had been placed on tip of the table .I truly dont know what to do. One of the main noises they make are of a pheasant. A really horrible noise. I can tell for sure that this is happening as my horses continually look behind as if something is going to jump out at them. Also they all have what appears to he stuff necks and look with their eyes first if you know what I mean. I have a camera CCTV bit it continually says movement detected but the picture is too fuzzy to see. It didnt used to be. Please if anything happens to us ,would you please please try to find out whi these people are, As fear that soon something will happen. We have lost two horses due to this..

      • I can’t help you from Germany, Joanne, but I would at least let the police know about it. If you have lost two horses, there is a potentional felony there. At the very least, talk to a security company about improving your CCTV system so you can collect better images. Good luck!

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