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My Top Historical True Crime Books

As a subgenre of true crime, historical true crime is gaining popularity. Last week we looked at some of the reasons why. This week we’ll look at some of my favorite historical true crime books, sorted by time period. Some of them are the vanguards...

Abraham Lincoln was also a true crime writer

Abraham Lincoln: True Crime Author

Who knew? Abraham Lincoln picked up his pen not only to scratch out the Gettysburg Address and Second Inaugural Address. He also wrote poetry and true crime. His one true crime short story, published in the Quincy Whig in April 1846, is based on a...

Albert Borowitz

An Ode to the Borowitz Collection

  Where can you find the greatest number of true crime titles under one roof? Laura James, attorney and true crime author, recently posted a blog about the Borowitz collection at Kent State University. Albert Borowitz himself published about...

How Schiller Changed the True Crime Genre

What distinguishes true crime from other non-fiction? If you were to measure its pulse, where in the story should you place your two fingers? The German poet Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) would say motive. He should know. He revolutionized the true...

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