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German Ax Murderer in America

June 1912 marks the 107th anniversary of a murder so gruesome it gave rise to urban legend. You’ve probably heard the story. Someone hid in an attic and snuck down to butcher an entire family during the night. It really happened. With an entire...

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Enduring Allure of Jack the Ripper

An Interview with Ripperologist Richard Jones   Jack the Ripper: What makes the case so fascinating? Some people say it’s the Sherlock Holmes aspect: a riddle and investigation methods everyone can follow. Other people say it offers a window...

Regiswindis: Detail from a painting from an unknown artist from about 1480.

Regiswindis: Murder, Myth, and the Maiden

Regiswindis: Murder of an Innocent — Deutsche Übersetzung folgt  She was only seven years old, so the story goes. Regiswindis, the daughter of Count Ernst in the German town Lauffen am Neckar, grew up in her father’s castle. That’s where...

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A White House Ghost Story

Winston Churchill encounters Lincoln: The most famous White House ghost story What would you do if you stepped out of the bath tub stark naked – with only a cigar dangling from your mouth – to encounter the ghost of Abraham Lincoln standing in your...

Ann Marie Ackermann's author website

Stolen Clothing: The Bather’s Nightmare

Stolen clothing. Does the greatest fear of every skinny dipper ever haunt you? Is a bather’s stolen clothing is just a TV trope? Or do you worry about someone stealing your clothes when you take a dip in the pool or lake? Maybe you should. A German...

Ann Marie Ackermann's author website

New Evidence on Rasputin’s Murder

An Interview with Russian Historian Margarita Nelipa Grigorii Rasputin: Russian mystic, counselor to the imperial family, and murder victim. Apart from the execution of the Romanov family in July 1918, the murder of Rasputin in December 1916 is...

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