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Cnythia Leal Massey, author of "Death of a Texas Ranger."


  1. Sara Jasso
    Nov 6, 2019

    This may be weird but i was looking into acenstry .com
    and in research i believe Cesario Menchaca from your book may
    have been my great-great-great grandfather through Magadalena Forst. I was wondering if you had any information on her and her parents and also on him. I think this may have been his second wife.
    I reside in Satx

    • Ann Marie
      Nov 12, 2019

      That’s fascinating, Sara. Have you tried to contact Cynthia Massey directly? Because I’m just the one who interviewed her, I can’t do anything more to help you. Here’s a link to her blog, and you can contact her there. Good luck!

    • A Gonzalez
      Nov 7, 2021

      I’m one of his grand daughters my mom is a Menchaca

      • Ann Marie
        Nov 7, 2021

        That is interesting! I would consider letting Cynthia know. You might be able to contribute something to history.

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