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The white squirrel is a rare morph of the grey squirrel.

A Murder, a World Record, and a White Squirrel

A triple insult As I scanned the ink scratched onto the yellowing letter, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for its author. It’s one thing to be falsely accused of a murder. It’s another to be driven out of your country. But the final insult is to...

A young girl like this accidently found her way into the bed of a later Civil War general.

Little Lost Girl and the Civil War General

  There’s only one thing more disconcerting that waking up and hearing strange noises in the night. Waking up and finding a stranger in your bed is worse. Even if it’s only a small child. One of my favorite anecdotes of any Civil War general...

Launching the Intrepid.

Civil War Balloons: Five Fun Facts

  Spycraft rose to new levels during the Civil War. One of the most interesting innovations was ballooning. These five fun facts provide a brief introduction to what was then cutting edge military technology. Civil War balloons were not the...

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Robert E. Lee, Engineer and Hero of the Midwest

The Mississippi as the key to commerce Even if the Civil War never happened, and even if Robert E. Lee never became president of Washington and Lee University, we would still probably know him today. He changed American history not only as a general...

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